How Does The LED Blue Light Of Sonic Brush Whiten Your Teeth? – Sonic Brush®
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How Does The LED Blue Light Of Sonic Brush Whiten Your Teeth?

How Does The LED Blue Light Of Sonic Brush Whiten Your Teeth? - Sonic Brush®

Whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, polishing is among many other ways to whiten your teeth. There are many reasons why your teeth may turn yellow over time.

It could be because of the high consumption of tea/caffeine or soft drinks, smoking and, lack of dental cleaning. Moreover, aging can also cause discoloration of teeth. With age, the enamel gets weaker and gets more prone to stains.

If you are sick and tired of trying numerous remedies and want to make them whiter without compromising with dental health, then we have got the solution.
Now is the time to say goodbye to all your teeth whitening remedies because Sonic Brush, which is equipped with LED blue light, whitens your teeth automatically.

Are you confused? Check out how LED blue lights work to whiten your teeth. 



What is an LED?

LED stands for the 'light emitting diode.' It produces light when an electric current passed. The light can be of any color from the spectrum of visible light.
Even though LED lights are bright, but they don't emit as much heat.


But how does the led light of Sonic Brush whitens your teeth?

The LED lights work as a catalyst to speed up the process of whitening. Blue spectrum visible LED light provide a catalytic effect for chemical reactions without the added risk of radiation. LEDs have a few benefits over UV lights beside the fact that they are not carcinogenic. They can be much more intense and bright without creating heat at the same time. They also do not require a great deal of power and have long lives.
Hence, with regular use of Sonic Brush, the discoloration of teeth is reduced, making them white and bright for a beautiful smile.


Did You Know?

The LED light is also known for having anti-bacterial properties, which means that along with whitening properties, it also kills bacterial growth.

But Be Careful Of Your Habits

You can whiten your teeth if you want, but your smile won't stay good for long if you maintain your bad habits.
You should be brushing and flossing your teeth every day now. It helps remove the food and drink residue, which helps in preventing discoloration.
If you smoke, you are going to need to kick the poor habit out of your life. Because it does not only cause discoloration of your teeth but may cause mouth cancer.
Getting a whiter smile will change one's life. You are going to have more confidence in doing things like taking selfies or chatting with your friends.

Therefore, Sonic Brush is a smart investment that gives your automatic and convenient cleaning and whitening of teeth.


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