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Sonic Brush® Kids Head

Sonic Brush® Kids Head 2-7

Sonic Brush® Kids Head

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 What Does Our Brush Head Do?

Built to suit anyone's sensitivity and deeply clean teeth, this silicone head is the most important part of the Sonic Brush® Kids. The brush head is made of antibacterial silicone, it effectively removes harmful bacteria without harboring them nor scratching teeth and gums in the process like traditional nylon bristles. 

All of our Sonic Brush® Kids Heads are safe to use with braces, veneers, crowns, fillings and all dental work. Soft, flexible, and easy-to-clean. When attached to a Sonic Brush® device, it's the perfexct tool to assist in automatic, dental-grade cleaning. 

Toothpaste can simply be applied directly to Brush Head from one end to the other on both sides, then let your Sonic Brush® Kids device handle the rest!

 Don't Forget To Change It!

To maintain the best healthy and hygienic practices, we recommend changing the head of the Sonic Brush Kids every 6 to 9 months. 

 Perfect For The Whole Family!

We don’t want you to buy a whole new Sonic Brush Kids. That's why we can provide you the mouthpiece separately. The core unit stays perfectly hygienic. That means you can buy extra heads for your childrens.


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