Why Do Dentists Recommend To Use Sonic Brush? – Sonic Brush®
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Why Do Dentists Recommend To Use Sonic Brush?

Why Do Dentists Recommend To Use Sonic Brush? - Sonic Brush®

Your smile matters and you should not hesitate to smile whenever you want. And for a beautiful smile, you should take care of your dental hygiene. Teeth can be highly prone to diseases if not taken care of properly.
Hence, this is why dentists recommend brushing twice a day (especially after consuming sticky or chewy food), floss, and get regular checkups done.
However, with the recent arrival of an automatic toothbrush, dentists now also recommend using Sonic Brush, and here is why.

Why is the use of Sonic Brush healthy for your teeth?

Most people may brush their teeth twice a day as recommended, but not everyone is aware of the right way to do it. Some people over-brush their teeth, which removes the protective enamel layer and exposes the teeth to bacterial decay.
Not only that, but it also leads to the abrasion of gums, which causes excessive bleeding and pain. Sometimes, the debris and sticky food particles remain stuck between the ridges of the teeth leading to tooth decay.
As a result, dentists recommend the use of Sonic Brush because of its smart features, which supports effective dental cleaning automatically.



Soft and Angled Bristles 

The U-shaped Sonic Brush is designed to have its bristles in a 45 degrees’ angle, which is ideal for removing debris, bacteria, and plague from the under of your gum line, thus providing deeper cleaning than your regular brush.
The bristles are soft enough to clean the teeth without getting your gums damaged. Therefore, the Sonic Brush provides safe cleaning of your teeth without any damage or bleeding.



Deep Cleaning

The Sonic Brush takes less time to clean as compared to the standard toothbrush because it brushed all your teeth simultaneously because of its U-shaped mouthpiece. 

If you use the standard toothbrush, you have to clean all the surfaces and all sides one by one, which gives approximately 1.25 seconds to each of them.
On the other hand, Sonic Brush cleans all teeth and its surfaces for 30 seconds or more, providing deeper cleaning than ever.


Anti-Bacterial Cleaning

Sonic Brush is equipped with anti-bacterial silicon, which kills 99.99% bacteria residing on the surfaces of your mouth.
Therefore, it also cuts down the risks of possible anti-bacterial decay and chronic gum diseases.


Whiter Teeth 

Yellow teeth can undermine your confidence to speak and smile boldly. Sonic Brush does not only offer deep cleaning but also whiter teeth with its LED blue light feature.
The blue-ray light automatically turns on as you switch on the power button and whitens your teeth as you brush, leaving your oral cavity fresh and healthy.
So, Sonic Brush does not only make your teeth cleaner but also makes sure they stay white and bright.


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