Sonic Brush toothbrush

Welcome to the Future
of Brushing

Change the way you brush with the world's first fully automatic toothbrush


The New Dental Revolution

Thanks to its new technology, Sonic Brush® reinvents the toothbrush. Our innovation allows you to effectively clean your teeth in less than 30 seconds and without any effort!

Sonic Brush man

Sonic Toothbrush

Highly Efficient

Achieve a superior level of cleanliness in under a minute with our advanced brush cleaning technology! The Sonic Brush utilizes a dentist-recommended toothbrushing method, ensuring an effective and thorough dental-grade clean every day. Experience unparalleled performance and maintain optimal oral hygiene with ease.

50K+ Worldwide Users

The Sonic Brush has captivated customers worldwide with its remarkable performance. We are proud to have delivered over 50,000 orders across 18 countries, earning a loyal following of satisfied customers who trust our innovative toothbrush for their daily oral care.