How Does The Sonic Brush Work and How To Use It?

Personal hygiene is an integral aspect of our daily routines, often bookending our days with the act of brushing our teeth. This universally acknowledged practice is crucial for maintaining healthy gums, strong teeth, and overall oral health. Yet, despite diligent twice-a-day brushing, many people still experience dental issues like yellowing teeth and gum disease. Why does this happen? The culprit often lies not just in the frequency of brushing, but also in the technique, the type of toothbrush and toothpaste used, and even the foods consumed. Studies indicate that approximately 90% of dental diseases are caused by improper cleaning methods, such as brushing so vigorously that it strips away the protective enamel layer, thereby making teeth susceptible to bacterial decay and other problems.

Revolutionise Your Dental Routine

Tired of struggling with traditional brushing methods? Enter the Sonic Brush, the world's first automated toothbrush designed to address the common pitfalls of manual brushing. This game-changing device promises to clean your teeth effectively and efficiently, requiring just 30 seconds of your time. The Sonic Brush is engineered to offer comprehensive dental care at the push of a button, freeing you from the hassles of time-consuming and often incorrect brushing techniques. Imagine being able to just press a button and letting the device handle the rest, even taking a quick 30-second nap if you so choose!

How To Use The Sonic Brush?


Using the Sonic Brush couldn't be easier. It features a U-shaped design tailored to fit comfortably into your mouth, requiring just the press of a button to initiate cleaning. Its flexible, double-sided mouthpiece adapts to fit mouths of all sizes, ensuring a snug fit and effective cleaning for everyone. Once activated, the brush takes just 30 seconds to complete its cleaning cycle. Remember the days when we were told we must brush our teeth for at least 1 minute? Well, no more!

After the cleaning process is over you simply rinse your mouth and clean the Sonic Brush like you would any regular toothbrush. That's it—clean teeth in half a minute, with minimal effort on your part.


The Science Behind The Sonic Brush

The innovative Sonic Brush consists of two primary components: the mouthpiece and the hand-piece. The mouthpiece is responsible for the actual cleaning, while the hand-piece serves as the operational core of the device. The hand-piece's battery-powered vibrations are algorithmically calibrated to produce varying amplitudes and frequencies, which drive the active movement of the bristles on the mouthpiece. Importantly, the hand-piece is magnetically detachable, allowing multiple users to share a single hand-piece while using their own individual mouthpieces. That has got to be unprecedented wouldn't you say?

Finally, one fully charged battery lasts for up to 40 cleaning cycles, so daily charging is unnecessary. Again, totally ingenious!

Three Modes for Customised Cleaning

The Sonic Brush offers three distinct functional modes to meet a variety of oral care needs. The first mode is 'Gum Massage', designed to promote blood circulation within the gums through gentle vibrations lasting 30 seconds. The second mode is 'Brushing', featuring stronger vibrations also for a 30-second duration, ensuring thorough cleaning. The third mode is 'Whitening', which activates the LED blue light for 10 minutes but without any vibrations, focusing solely on brightening your teeth. These options allow you to personalise your brushing experience, ensuring optimal dental health tailored to your specific needs.

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