Why Are Sonic Toothbrushes Better?

Dental hygiene is paramount for all. According to experts, brushing at least twice a day can help maintain oral health. Regular brushing removes plaque and bacteria, which could lead to gingivitis, periodontal disease, and cavities.  While traditional toothbrushes are the most common choice and can do the job, they aren’t as effective as many people assume they are.  If you wish to achieve optimum dental health and maintain your pearly whites for years to come, consider switching to a sonic toothbrush.
Why Are Sonic Toothbrushes Better?

What are Sonic Toothbrushes?

Sonic toothbrushes are a type of electric device that features the latest technology and is designed to clean teeth efficiently.

The detached brush head oscillates in different directions and strokes while emitting sonic waves. The bristles clean the teeth while the waves vibrate to remove dirt stuck in the crevices between and around your teeth. This mechanism also contributes to gum health maintenance.

What Are Sonic Toothbrushes?

Why Should You Choose Sonic Toothbrushes Over Manual Ones?

As a consumer, you’re bound to question the mechanism and the hype around such products, especially because traditional toothbrushes are still widely used. Electric and sonic toothbrushes have few common features, but they’re quite diverse and deliver varying results.

Here’s why sonic toothbrushes are better than traditional manual and basic electric toothbrushes:

Easier To Use 

It’s no secret that electric and sonic brushes are easier to use than traditional ones. You don’t have to “brush” your teeth upwards, downwards, backwards, or forwards—the electric version does these for you, thanks to its oscillating head. 

Because you don’t have to perform the brushing action manually, you don’t need to put in that much effort. You can simply move the brush along your teeth and gums to get clean teeth. 

Smart Features

Most electric and sonic toothbrushes have some impressive features. For example, if you’re holding the brush too tightly against your teeth, it will make beeping sounds to caution you about the pressure.

Similarly, you will be alerted if you hold the brush in the same position for over 30 seconds.

Another exciting feature is Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect your brush to your phone to monitor your brushing habits and overall oral health. The app will show you which spots you tend to miss the most and help improve your brushing routine.

Different Modes 

With traditional toothbrushes, there are no other modes aside from how you move your hand. However, some electric toothbrushes and almost all sonic toothbrushes have different modes.

Some of them include:

Regular brushing
Light brushing (for sensitive teeth)
Deep cleaning
Tongue cleaning

    You can choose between any of these modes, depending on your needs. These adjustments ensure you care for your overall oral health, not just your teeth. You can switch between these modes for optimal daily brushing sessions.

    Different Modes Sonic Toothbrush

    Detachable/Replaceable Heads 

    Did you know that you are supposed to replace your toothbrush every three to four months? Experts say traditional toothbrush bristles start to wear off after a few months of use, making them less effective at cleaning out debris and plaque.

    Moreover, the bacterial buildup interferes with oral hygiene, making brushing ineffective and harmful.

    Some electric toothbrushes and sonic toothbrushes will notify you when the brush head is worn down. This way, you don’t have to worry about replacing it too early or too late.

    Ergonomic Handle 

    Manual toothbrushes, no matter which brand you use, have the same types of handles with very few variations. They’re skinny, feature a single thumb grip, and are contoured at the top.

    In contrast, electric and sonic toothbrushes have thicker handles, which are easier to grip and maneuver. In fact, those with limited motor skills can use these devices with ease.

    Oscillating Brush Heads 

    Electric and sonic toothbrushes have oscillating brush heads. What sets them apart are their speeds and coverage.

    You can get about 300 strokes per minute when you use a manual toothbrush. This is minuscule compared to the 2500 to 7000 strokes that electric toothbrushes can deliver per minute.

    Sonic toothbrushes are the true game-changers. They deliver about ten times more strokes than electric toothbrushes, making them the most effective way to clean your teeth.

    When it comes to coverage, it’s no surprise that manual toothbrushes reach limited areas. You may not always be able to brush every spot, as guiding it on your own without a visual is challenging. Meanwhile, electric and sonic toothbrushes can be connected to your phone to help you understand how well you’ve brushed your teeth and the spots you may have missed.

    Also, sonic toothbrushes offer a secondary type of cleaning called fluid dynamics. The higher rate of brush strokes stimulates the toothpaste and saliva to reach the deepest crevices to clean out any lingering particles or bacteria.

    Why Should You Choose Sonic Toothbrushes Over Manual Ones? 

    How to Choose a Sonic Toothbrush

    There are a plethora of brands of Sonic toothbrushes, each upping the other with how they market the features they offer. So, which toothbrush would be suitable for you?

    Here are some critical parameters you should look out for:


    Sonic toothbrushes usually have thicker handles, but you can also find models with sleeker structures. Choose one that is comfortable for you to hold and feels like a natural fit in your hand.


    Most sonic toothbrushes have multiple modes, Bluetooth connectivity, a timer, and sensors. You can choose a model depending on the most important features for your brushing habits.

    The ones with multiple high-end functions will cost more, so if you don’t want to spend a lot, you can buy something with basic features for good hygiene.

    Noise Levels 

    Electronic and sonic toothbrushes are quite noisy. The better brands will have better mechanisms, so the noise produced will be much softer compared to inexpensive brands.

    Check customer reviews to get a toothbrush at your ideal noise level.

    Battery Power 

    You can use a battery-operated toothbrush or get a rechargeable one. Most sonic toothbrushes these days are rechargeable. So, as you shop for one, look into battery power and how long it will last on one charge. 

    Some brands claim their toothbrushes last two to four weeks with two minutes of use every day, twice a day.

    Make sure the charging mechanism is compatible with your bathroom layout and the location of outlets around your sink.


    A sonic toothbrush with all the features like Bluetooth connectivity, sensors, different cleaning modes, and low noise levels will cost a lot more than a toothbrush with basic features. 

    Sonic toothbrushes are priced from $20 to $200. It’s best to check out multiple products from various brands and look at their features before settling on your final choice. Price alone shouldn’t be a deciding factor. 

    How To Choose A Sonic Toothbrush? 

    Popular Sonic Toothbrush Brands To Choose From 

    The options listed here can help kickstart a more informed search. You can use them as a reference point for your preferred features and the corresponding price point.

    The four most popular sonic toothbrushes are:

    Sonic Brush V5

    The Sonic Brush V5 stands out with its innovative, fully automatic toothbrush technology, enabling users to achieve a thorough clean in under 30 seconds without effort.

    Utilizing the ADA-accepted BASS technique, it employs high vibrational frequencies to effectively remove bacteria and break up plaque. The soft, silicone bristles are not only powerful in cleaning but also gentle on teeth and gums. This technology aims to revolutionize oral care by combining efficiency, safety, and convenience in tooth brushing.

    Philips Sonicare 4100

    Lightweight and effective, the Philips Sonicare 4100 has a brushing timer and pressure sensor. Moreover, it’s rechargeable and comes with a cord. Needless to say, it has very impressive features for a price that’s quite reasonable at $49.

    The brush is available in three colors, so you don’t have to worry about mixing it up with your other family member’s toothbrushes. The best part? It is compatible with most brush heads from Philips and other generic brands.

    Oral-B iO Series 9

    These toothbrushes are available in black, white, and pink. The conversational display changes colors, and the LED screen displays personalized smart cleaning modes.

    This is one of the more premium models by Oral-B and costs around $200, which is quite steep for a toothbrush. However, considering its functions, many think it’s worth the investment for long-term use.

    Brightline Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush

    This is one of the most inexpensive models available. At less than $40, this Sonic brush is quite spectacular.

    For starters, it has adjustable intensity levels, a 25-day battery life, and a two-minute timer. Like all toothbrushes on this list, it is rechargeable and has a charging base and two extra brush heads. 

    Popular Sonic Toothbrush Brands To Choose From


    Brushing your teeth is the most essential step to maintaining dental health. At the end of the day, no matter which toothbrush you use, electric or manual, make sure to do it at least twice daily with fluoride toothpaste.

    Maintaining dental health can help prevent the onset of plaque, which causes many oral conditions. A sonic toothbrush is definitely worth a try if you experience dental problems despite regular dental hygiene habits.

    Its smart features, mouth mapping, and pressure sensors can help you get the pearly whites you have always wanted. You can easily track your dental health and change the toothbrush settings depending on what you need.

    Although the initial cost is significantly higher than manual toothbrushes, considering dentist bills and the longevity of the device, it is an excellent one-time investment. If you struggle to maintain dental hygiene or simply want to upgrade your oral health, try sonic toothbrushes.

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